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I think it is so sad that people are attacking a perk that doesn't effect combat at all. Its not like juggernaut, its not like the famas or AK74, its not like the grenade launcher... its a perk that protects you from kill streaks! Why is this such a big problem? Your UAV doesn't show some of the enemy... so what? GO LOOK FOR THEM!

I play generally the same way with Ghost on and off, except when I have it off I have to camp to avoid kill streaks. When I have ghost on I can run around and f*** sh** up with out having worry about the randies giving enemies kill streaks.

I use Ghost all day, everyday. I have a 2.37 kill ratio and have the M14 as my number one gun, making up less than 1/10 my kills. I like to think I have skill. The gun I use the most is one nobody else uses. Furthermore it makes up less than 1/10 my kills. I use all kinds of guns fairly equally except the overpowered ones. I have more contracts completed than I have kills with the Famas OR the AK74.

I use Ghost because I don't like paying for my bad teammates mistakes. They all suck and get 18 deaths in the first 5 minutes. Its hard enough to win a TDM with them, but not only that, THEY GIVE THE ENEMY KILLSTREAKS. THOSE KILLSTREAKS BRING DOWN MY KILL RATIO AND MAKE IT EXPONETIALLY HARDER ON ME. I did not contribute to their kill streaks so I don't think I should have to suffer from them either.

I honestly don't know why people *** about this perk when it only effects gameplay when you have a kill streak up, and if you do, why would you be ***? The dumbest part about this is when I am using ghost and racking up kill streaks. The bad kids on my team will all be negative and leeching off my UAVs and then they will *** about Ghost users. GHOST IS NOT THEIR PROBLEM. ITS ANYONE WITH A GUN. Its not even their kill streak, its mine, and they will *** about it.

I think this whole ghost thing is ridiculous and should be the lowest priority to Treyarch.

Now take a look at my FFA video

. I am ranked 14,056 in all time FFA. I have a 173.31 SPM and 2.54 K/D. Ghost all day, everyday. I rely on gun skill to win.


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u mad broseph?

OP is obviously plugging his YouTube video

He said, "Camp."  Add him to the noob list.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Knowledge is power"?

Wow...what a douche