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For those of you that are into MyCareer mode, how is your progress coming along so far?


I was drafted Round 1 Pick 11 to the Portland Trail Blazers and was actually happy that I made it to that team (Lamarcus Aldridge), even though I wanted that 1st pick, but never came close.  I'm currently 57 games into my second season (53-4) and chasing a second title after last seasons run (62-20).  My current teams roster as follows



PG - Myself - 99 (can't say too much about my guy without sounding silly about it, but an excellent 'all-round' player).

SG - Wesley Matthews - 78 (a good all-round player here for me, very solid from 3 with a decent ability to get to the basket in the lane for a dunk). 

SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 80 (little is known about thisplayer as I just acquired him from a trade, but is proving to be a reliable defender and effective slasher).

PF - Tyrus Thomas - 78 (glad I got him from a trade last season, solid defender and rebounder with good offense ranging from inside dunking to a mid-range jumper).

C - Lamarcus Aldridge - 87 (one of my favourite players, great offensive rebounding along with excellent post and mid-range offense).



6 - SF - Nicolas Batum - 80 (I enjoyed this player in my starting lineup with a great 3 and athletic dunks in the lane, not to mention some good 'D').

7 - SF - Luke Babbitt - 63 (nothing more than a sharp shooter when you're down and need 3's in a hurry).

8 - C - Meyers Leonard - 63 (my fellow 11th pick hasn't proven much yet, but has the potential to be a decent offensive C).

9 - SG - Stan Norris (generated) - 55 (don't know much about this generated player, but from what I do know, he should be on the IR).

10 - PG - Nolan Smith - 71 (he's an ok to fairly average sub PG, but tends to have tunnel vision and makes questionable decisions).

11 - SG - Elliot Williams - 68 (similar to Nolan Smith, as soon as they get on the court, the wheelsstop moving for a minute or two).

12 - C - Louie York - 59 (doesn't recieve a lot of minutes and for good reason too, would be better off without in all honesty, zero productivity).


All-in-all I really enjoy my young Trail Blazers team that has a lot of potential for the coming years and am very interested to see how it develops.  I am planning after this season to re-sign with the team, but only play key games to get through my career a little quicker, I'll have to see.


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