Your greatest gaming experiences

Just been thinking about the games I've played through my lifetime which have had the greatest impact and lasting memories on me;

Rebelstar (played this game when I was very young, the first game I really loved)


Half Life (goes without saying)

System Shock 2 (fond memories of this game)

GTA Vice City

EVE Online (would'nt like to calculate the amount of time I put into this game)

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Battlefield 3

Those are my standout games spanning around 26 years of gaming.


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I vividly remember walking through Best Buy and seeing the CoD 2 Xbox 360 kiosk demo and being like "wow".  And I agree with above, Gears 1 was awesome.

Playing Gears of War 1 for the first time, was one of the best experiences I've with Xbox 360.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

This generation will be defined by Call of Duty 4 for me. That game set a paradigm for military FPS games for years to come. I would go home at lunch in the middle of a school day and get a few multiplayer rounds in, I hit 10th prestige level 55 in 3 months. Nostalgia of previous generations aside, that experience is something I'll never forget.

Probably discovering Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls series through buying Oblivion GoTY Edition while knowing nothing about the game or the series. That led me on to Fallout 3...

marble blast ultra,halo all of em...quake! ,rezhd sf alpha sf 3 4,freedom fighters,doom!guwange,deathsmiles

Earthbound and the Ghost Recon series, minus FS.

resident evil 1,2,4, half life 1, gta vice city, mass effect 2, elder scrolls oblivion, halo 1,2,3, gran turismo 1,2, metal gear solid 1, far cry 1,2,3, street fighter turbo, goldeneye, mario cart 64, all my friends like final fantasy games i could never get in to them and i will never try them because they look like a jap fest rpg

Cod 4 - 360. Madden ps2. Mario kart n64. In that order. Honorable mentions borderlands 1, red dead redemption, far cry 3, goldeneye 64, MVP baseball 2005 ps2.

Once you completed a level on "00" difficulty in "Goldeneye" you knew that it was all possbile in real life as well.

Goldeneye 64, Super Mario World , and Crash Bandicoot are the most that draw the most memories.

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