Your favourite landscape

I'm sure we've all gone at some point, "wow" when we've seen one of the brilliant landscapes that Bioware have crafted, so what would be yours.


Here is a pic of one of my favourites from Mass Effect 1.



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Agreed, Arkham. Noveria is a spectacular mission from start to finish.

voteDC - Sometimes I'll look at the stars through the Mako's zoom-scope-thing because the surface of the star moves around as though it is churning. Little things like that just make this game so much more awesome.

messed that one up, lol

Just did that mission last week and kept driving towards that blue dwarf just like in your picture.  The blizzard on Noveria is still my favourite, reminds of home here in Canada, well OK, maybe not quite but there's something very peaceful and surreal about the Noverian mountainside...:-)

I thought I was the only one who spent hours just mesmerized by the beauty of this game.

Good to know I'm not alone.  :)

I liked the one on Lunar, where you did the rogue VI mission. When you get to the old CCCP probe and the Earth is just hanging there, above you. Awesome.