Your favorite Developer and/or Engine

The title pretty much says it all, what are you guy's personal favorite as far as developers and graphic engines?


For me, for a developer its a close tie between Valve and Bethestda probably :)


And as for graphic engines I think I prefer Unreal, always has a nice look too it, other than the awkward loading splotches. Frostbite, and Crytek look really nice too.


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I used to have my favorite old-school devs that made my favorite games, but not anymore (when was the last AAA Rareware game?). I guess I could just name the devs of my favorite games, but that wouldn't be fair. I guess some of my favorites are Bethesda, Bioware and Visceral.

Capcom, even though they are a little money hungry recently. 2ksports branch of 2k, great communication with their fanbase.

Fav Dev,

Id Software and Blizzard, might as well ad Bethesda to that as well.

Game engine from my exp as a level designer, Q3 radiant hands down!!!


dev(s): insomniac, naughty dog, bethesda, bungie


engine(s): cryengine, id tech 5, and hopefully bethesda's "new" create engine

Rockstar,Blizzard,Dice,Epic,and Valve

Favorite game engines: Frostbite,and Rage Engine

Right now it would have to be Supergiant Games, the creators of Bastion. I know it's just an opinion, but the game is what use to make games good/fun/amazing. It's a game that really sticks with you when your done and is worth every penny in my book. And the whole game was made by seven people out of a house in CA. Absolutely nuts. Just shows what can be done with a good team/idea compared to all these other $60 garbage releases we have seen. If you haven't, GO GET IT! Haha  

It's hard for me to pick a favorite developer. Consistantly I've always loved Rockstar and BioWare. As for engines, I absolutely love the RAGE engine from Rockstar that uses Euphoria physics propriety. I've also been really impressed by how CryEngine3 looks on Xbox as well. Frostbite 2 is probably the prettiest engine I've seen so far for PC. I can't wait to see how it stacks up to CryEngine3 when Battlefield 3 comes out.

I forgot about Rockstar! They're up there too. L.A. Noire and Red Dead were two of the best games ive played on 360.

Sonic Team and Bungie.

As for engines. Hedgehog Engine (Recent Sonic game's engine) and the Blam! Engine (Bungie's game engine)

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