your favorite and worst map?

I'd have to say my favorite so far is Seine Crossing and probably least favorite is either Grand Bazaar or Tehran Highway which is surprising as I was really looking forward too that one.


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i like them all, even OM.


But the most wow factor has to be Seine Crossing Rush.. never though i would say that but.... Rush is actually pretty cool in BF3, and the urban fighting is amazing in Seine Crossing.


Comming form me, who is a totall open map combat fanboy, is pretty impressive.. LOL

Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Seine Crossing are easily the 3 best maps.


Tehran Highway was kind of a letdown.

I like the base jump map.

I don't think there's a map I dislike to be honest.

I love Grand Bazaar Conquest and Siene Crossing Conquest - still hate Operation Metro though lol.

Grand Bazaar is fun. I love fighting in the Alley on Conquest. Some awesome chokepoint fighting.

Think I've only played Metro once or twice since I started playing to be honest. I was actually wondering when I'd get to play it. I like the map personally.

operation metro conquest is fun, ilike the constant back and forth for B flag, pretty intense.

Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Seine Crossing are my favorite..... so far i cant say i really dislike any of them, all of them are good in some way