you've been quitting too much

I got a message from bungie in game today, and more than a message it was like a pop up in the middle of a game saying that I have quit to many games to often but I really didnt quit that many if only I remember 1 and it was due to my xbox being disconected due to my brother not taking care of his baby (again)
also part of the main question sorry if its dumb but do you guys know if being booted from like 4 games in a row or being booted from a game at all counts as if you leave the game? I'm not always a betrayer but when I am bungie decides to ruin my fun with a warning  :(


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Wouldn't it be from 343i now? :3 But for your question.....if you get booted or leave a certain amount of games in a row, you'll be suspended from Matchmaking for a certain amount of time. (Depending on how often you do it.) i.e. the first suspension is something like 15 minutes and it goes up each time and after a certain amount of times being suspended, it may or may  not suspended you permanently.

darn really forgot bout that I'm sure bungie wouldnt ruinned my party

thanks for the info Ian the first betrays were accidentally but then yeah I got pulled in, man its soo sweet sometimes

but yeah will try not to do it aggain I swear

Yep! Anytime, Elf! :)

Yes, being booted counts as you quitting and contributes to a quit ban.

I've been [rage] quitting a lot recently... :$