you're last cod..maybe?

anyone else getting a bit tired with the cod series, since mw2 i just havent seen anything good enough to make me wanna buy another one after this one, yes i will buy it but i just think its gone down hill since cod 4 which for me is a classic..didnt like world at war but after the last 2 cods i went out and bought it and compared to the last 2 its great...just think cod is more of an under 20's game now..which for me has seen it go in the wrong not insult me please..give your opinion.


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This will be the last one I play (if the story ends)

Reason being because IW / Treyarch dont do enough to protect there games after they launch.

Look at Call Of Duty 4, full of hackers and -exp glitches that make it unplayable.

World At War - Derank glitch that made it impossible to play online, also mods online.

MW2 - I have seen cheaters on numerous occassions on this game, not as much as the others, but I didnt like MW2 as much to play it non-stop.

and Black Ops, beat it sold it. I dont know what the online is like.

...Call of Duty 4 has been out for 4 years. Of course it's going to be full of hackers and glitchers. IW wouldn't waste time updating a 4 year old game.

If they ever fully implement a pay-to-play online system then yes, I'm done.

Also, is it so hard to learn 'your' and 'you're'? Why do people just toss a coin and hope they're right? Good Christ.

I would say that this would be my last CoD but I don't see any other FPS games worth playing instead.

TA has done a great job protecting Black OPs. I may get MW3 but dont really see the need to update from Black Ops.

Nah. My brother and I play Call of Duty like it's going out of style so it they make more we will buy them. I'm getting mw3 for both consoles lol.

If they continue to make the game and make it fun I'll continue to play.

from their perspective, they milked the cod4 engine perfectly. they know with xbox720, they'll show off a bran-new engine, and we'll be hyped again. and if they nail it, the re-cycling will continue.

funny how they are giving double xp on a game thats been out 4 years but wont patch it..all because they wanna make more money for mw3 and yes i went on cod 4 on thursday and it was double xp..iw have got a damn cheek

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