You're First Character?

I know it's a little early, but has anyone been thinking of their first character? I mean deeply to. Race, looks, morality, playstyle? I can't do some of my favorite combos from Oblivion, like the Spellbow (name by Berretta) because spells are now mapped to your hands, and don't spring from nowhere. So does anyone have a character mapped out?

I have one somewhat thought out.

  • Race- Nord/Breton

I haven't decided if I want the default race, or one with more Magic. So I will decide when I get the game! I want him to look slightly older, but not ancient. Enough that you can tell he has seen some things. I also want one gray eye, with a scar on it. But the other eye should be a bright, saturated color. Making him half blind gives me the sense that he has seen battle, but gives him the illusion of wisdom. I will also say he uses minor magic to sense his surroundings (His Role is coming out already lol)

  • Primary Class- Mage

I love playing magic in any game. Especially this one. I don't know what school I will specialize in yet. Probably a mix between Destruction and Conjuration. With a few Alteration spells, mostly to get past doors. But I will also have Blade and possibly Bow training. My main problem with the bow is that I won't be able to use Magic while it is equipped, but I will get a stealth bonus if I use the bow. I will have to feel that out as I play.

  • Morality 

I've yet to decide this yet. I guess it will come down to if my character looks humble or menacing when I make him. I think that I  will play a good guy, but isn't afraid to steal something valuable. And he might not be above killing someone to get it either..... But probably no killing sprees.

  • Hobbies!

I think that I might take up hunting in the game. That is where the bow will come in. Maybe fishing. And of coarse Dragon Hunting! Find some scarring on the ground, and sneak through the bushes until I see it. Then quick sink some arrows into its wings! 

  • Dragon Calls

I think I will use the calls that have an area of effect. Like Storm Call. See a crowd of enemies, and rain some lightning down on that! 

As you can tell, I am very excited for this. I can't wait for November.


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I will have my first run through with a Nord, afterall Skyrim is the Nords land!

My first character will definitely be a Nord

Main Weapons - Single handed sword and shield. Sometimes sword and axe.

Magic - Healing and very strong frost magic and of course Shouts

Trying to come up with a name now. Here are a couple I'm thinking about:

Einarr - translates to "Lone Warrior" in old norse

Sigurd - Norse mythology character who was actually a dragon slayer

I need to start checking out the different class of characters so I have an idea of what direction I will go with the game next week.  I havent even looked at the character choices yet.

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[quote user="MassLegion808"]

I could never play females in RPGs...never felt right to me since I'm a guy


Well I always select females in any game that allows me to select a gender. I see males in every other game so I select a female to change it up. I also feel women are just better. Don't ask me why. 


Because it's true? :)


You would say that huh??? lol 

That would be me Pwny. :D  Also, I decided on making an Argonian Mage. I saw a pic of one duel wielding spells, and it looked amazing.

I have to admit, I spend a lot of time organizing items in my house. It's going to be a difficult to roleplay a badass Nord warrior with obsessive compulsive disorder over his house.


A young Brad Pitt look-a-like (if possible) with long hair and athletic build.

Will dual wield two swords/axes, but will also be experienced with bow and arrow. Light armor draped with animalpelts.

No magic except for healing.

Mainly a good guy, but isn't afraid to get blood on his hands over desireable items and artifacts.

I'm gonna focus on stealth on my first playthrough.

Am not sure yet. I want to play a lot of the races in different styles.

I was thinking for my first play I would go with a Nord warrior, being in Skyrim and all. Use the best weapons he can find. Only healing magic plus shouts. I don't know how well that would work, I will have to knock Dragons out of the sky before i can kill them, to open up the shouts. Maybe to hard to do with only a bow and not some magic. We will see.

I hate these new forums. They look bad, and I don't know where anything is, like the quote button!

Ahem, back on topic...My current creation is a white Kahjiit, with a blue nose. She looks...Interesting. Thinking about it though, since she's a thief, I should have made her black. At any rate, I'm dieing to make an Argonian in Skyrim. They're ok in Oblivion, but I love the whole "Ancient reptilian, almost dinosaur" look they have going on.

As a matter of fact, i'm going to purchase the pc version, create a sponge bob mod as a playable character and play the S*** out of it, just because lol....

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