You wont believe this!


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I miss mechassault. Hopefully there is in fact one in the works.

That would be a game I'd be looking forward to if it was like the first and not the sequel.

Omg yes! Mechassault 2 Lone Wolf was a very epic game and had a very balanced multiplayer. It did have good servers as well. Hope they keep it the same.

I still don't believe it.

[quote user="Alchemist Don"]

I still don't believe it.

[/quote] What's not to believe? here is proof that a Mechassault game is in the making.They say it's going to be for 360, but i believe it will be a 720 launch title.


didn't you post this already.


When XBL first came out I got the starter package that came with Mechassault, I have no idea how many hours I logged on that game, back in the day when the worst thing you heard over the mic was an f bomb every now and then. Most conversations were just about where people were from.....the good old days.

You can't be serious. MA>>>>MA2