You should know you are a lousy modder when .....

- you infect everyone but forget yourself

- you accidentally advertise by mistake

- you fly  high and load a class with only a shotgun and a pistol and last stand perk

- you are underground in the bog map and insist to try to use claymores and throw frags trying to kill some above you

- you send messages to Major Nelson about your 10th prestige lobby for 1600 mp

- you post in the suspension forum asking why you were banned with a gt that has a avatar that is bright green or blue

- you post in above mentioned forum asking why your son's GT was banned but use I instead of him

- you have a negative gamerscore but you finished every achievement in the game

Hey if you can't beat em then make fun of em 8)

Feel free to add more if you have em :)


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- you're stupid enough to put TTG as your clan tag (or in your GT) and then use a variation of your GT on TTG's website and your TTG page

- you post  (in the My Account was Banned forum) about how you can't control your autistic child without Xbox

- you post (in the My Account was Banned forum) that you can't control your non-autistic child without Xbox

- you get caught hacking/modding/cheating/etc., get banned, post "M$ sucks" (and other colorful terms) in your profile/bio, and get your friends to report you because you are stupid enough to believe a temporary ban overrides a permanent one

- you create a GT with Xbox Live "sucks' , "blows", etc. asking XBLPET to remove your permanent ban

- I beat you even with your mods.

[quote user="KOtheOGODHDSHOT"]

- I beat you even with your mods.


hmm ok well iguess then if you can beat em you can't make fun of em lol

- You post in the W@W forum you got your jtaged Xbox back from repair and are now able to host infection lobbies again @ $10 bucks a pop