You people

What do you people not understand about the word BETA?Now granted I was under the impression that this might be a demo, but after playing it, i soon realized this is a BETA.

Now the people here spouting off about how the BETA sucks and this game is gonna blow, SHUT IT! you're not a game developer and you have no idea how companies work and every developer functions differently from each other. DICE is known for keeping everything a secret up until release.Almost every single problem you have encountered in the BETA thus far has been corrected fro the final. If you pay attention to the real BF forums and their Twitter you would have knowledge of this. the developers have also said this build of the game is OLD. It's at least over a month old. they had to release something to keep within the time frame and the cert process for both PSN and MS is slow.

The developers have said as well, that the graphics and I quote "are far better in the final."

For an extra tid bit, this BETA is being to balance the game mainly and we never had a BETA for BC2. The PS3 had the real BETA. What we got for BC2 was a DEMO. This is a true BETA for BF3 and you people need to relax.


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I'm relaxed.

Ii just got done playing my first hour of the Beta and I like it more then BF2 and look forward to the final game product.

People should not take Operation Metro seriously. Caspian and conquest is the true Battlefield 3.

I saw a room running conquest on Metro but it was an empty AU server. :(

i dont see what people are complaining about except for some people under the map, i havent had any problems, and i have to say it looks alot better than black ops in the graphics department and gameplay and just about everything else.

I don't trust game developers as a few prominent ones have mislead fans in recent months....but I know I can now sleep better at night because there are just enough fans to condescendingly remind me that I should automatically trust everything they tell me


This is the link to my opinion on the matter from my thread.