YOU DON'T KNOW JACK®: Looking for players

Hi there!

I just purchased YDKJ in the marketplace and am really enjoying it! I only have one small problem: I can't seem to find any other players on Xbox Live! :( Basically, I just want to find people who are enthusiastic about this hilarious trivia game as I am. So if there's anyone out there, hit me up and/or add me to your friends list! I really would appreciate it.



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Just got it tonight, feel free to add me as I'll play

Zune 30GB and Zune HD 32GB Owner.

add me too.  really enjoy the game and I will play too.

I know Jack. He's a pretty cool guy

Playing this on Facebook has made me pick this game up - anyone out there play this anymore?  Feel free to add me if you want to play sometime!

[quote user="Sword StyIe"]

I know Jack. He's a pretty cool guy


you forgot "he doesn;'t afraid of anything."

I was thinking of picking this up.  I used to play them on PC back when they first released.  I think I had like 3 of them.

A shot in the dark but anyone have this game and would like to play some rounds? Msg. and/or add me! Thanks!

Good god heavy necros. Please stop this ***.