You Can't Go Back

I know on the first disk, after you talk to Marshall and he asks if you're ready to go to Subway town, you get this warning that once you leave, you can't go back to Wellspring.  I've even read that in a Wiki.  Well, when I was in Subway Town and talked to Marshall again, I saw a guy down a walkway and he asked me if I wanted "safe passage" to go back to Wellspring.  I thought I couldn't go back! 

I guess I could save it and go with the guy and see what happens but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this?


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Yes you can go back with him and everything will be fine. Make a save just to be sure but you don't "need" it. It's perfectly fine, you just have to keep switching discs. I always went back just to finish up achievements or get money from Mutant Bash TV.

Thanks for the reply!  I know I could have made a save and just did it but I wanted to know if anyone had actually went back.

OH!  Something else...I got a job from the job board, to go to the Blue Line and "save the world" but there's a car blocking my way.  Will I ever be able to get around it, since I can't seem to jump up onto the platform. 

Hmm, is that on Disc 2? I honestly don't remember really. But there should be a way to get through it. If its the job I'm thinking of then make sure you did the main mission for Blue Line Statiom before you try the side mission.

Yeah, it's on the second disk, Subway Town, Blue Line Station, job board.  I got it sort of late but it looks like it's too late, if that rail car won't move.  If the "guy" would just jump onto the platform...  Thanks for the reply.

i think you have to go through 2 rail cars at the beginning of that quest,into the 1st one turn left and exit and through the 2nd one,unless you're on about the bit where you need to put explosives down,4 in total to clear the way

Thanks! I got it done tonight. I actually had to go OUTSIDE of Subway Town and clear out the AI. I thought it was inside Subway Town. I feel pretty stupid. But thanks for the replies.