you are great

Thank you so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much..... not only did you fix Microsoft mahjong daily challenges, but I got to go back and

Finish the days from where locked up........ YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST..SMELLIESTgrub19, actually I am 68 and molly.......

I am so happy...... thank you


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You're very welcome, Molly. :)  I'm just glad we got your Daily Challenges working again. Your comment definitely made me happy! :)

Lucky for you and me, since we are Windows 8.1 users and can enjoy the working update. However, I personally feel for the many Windows 8 users who have no helping solution on offer and must wait in agony with a malfunctioning product. I suspect words like "you are great" or "you guys are the best" might not make them feel comfortable at all. :-(

As I have stated before, all of our previous updates rolled out to both Win 8 & Win 8.1 without any issues. We had no idea it wouldn't work on 8.0 until after the update came out and we are working on getting it fixed.