yo netherrealm studios ive got a suggestion

Add DLC. What of you say. Of the home version difficulty i reply. what made mk was fighting and beating the *** out of something. too bad the cpu is rather ridiculous. i dont always have a friend at me house or online to fight randomly, so its kinda hard to enjoy this collection when i flip out after so many tries and just quit. i persaonally would pay for a difficulty option that allows it to be like the home versions.

ALso id really like mk trilogy, but that wasnt arcade, and its a whole other game being ported so i understand

home console version difficulty isnt arcade you say, of course not but it would be optional and worth it


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I downloaded this specifically to play  people online and I haven't had a problem finding matches.

Online is so laggy that when you do find a match. It is virtually unplayable.

This has been fixed.

Why is Shao Kahn so tough on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? It's insane. They should add a patch so that selecting "VERY EASY" actually means something.

lol funny...

practice guys, all ya need is alittle practice. the game are great. i personally haven't really noticed a change in difficutly but i dont put it on easy tho, i just play it like it is.

at least you dont have the whole credits thing so if you lose like 5 times you have to start over, hell i remember those days, i think it should still be that way, makes you work harder

I Love playing Mortal Kombat 1 and Mortal Kombat 2 its a lot of fun

I love to play UMK3. If anyone wants to run some friendly matches sometime feel free to hit me up. Just send a FR with UMK3 in the text or something of the sort.