Yet Another Bug - Trouble In Skyrim

While doing jobs for the Companions I am to "Kill the Leader of the Dead Crone Rock".  So I head up there and low and behold the leader is already dead laying on the ground and the arrow is pointing over the hags head.  I smash, burn, freeze and try to re-animate the corpse with scrolls and spells to no luck.  Now I am unable to continue with the Companion quests.

Is there a central place to record all of these so that they can fix these?  And forgive me if this is already on this forum.  Doing this quickly so I can get back downstairs to continue with other quests.


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Wait for the dungeon to reset? Probably all I can offer here. Also, might that be an optional objective?

Reload a previous save.

So much for that radiant AI.

Reloading a previous save would mean going from level 42 back to probably 20; I've done too much since that time.

I happened upon this area early in the game and I had a heck of a time at that level killing this person.  Now I'm in a quest that requires me to kill a person that is already dead.  You would think that it would just know and I would get a completion automatically.  OR that the game would make her be alive when I get there.  Kind of like when I found some pieces while going through caves earlier on and then picked up a quest where I was asked to get the piece and low and behold they go, oh you've got it already.  It should be this simple but it isn't so now I can't complete this quest.  SUCKS.

I save every 10 minutes. I now what you mean though. If it is something like that, they shouldn't let that cave be accessible until you have to go there. I have gone through so many locations without doing quests. I hope I don't have any problems like this later in the game.


I dont go in a dungeon unless a quest tells me to do so, loot inst geat, not much unique that you cant find in a quest dungeon, i really cant see the up side to clearing dungeons that you dont have a quest for, if there was amzing loot to be found then, lets go, but sadly there isnt, and all loot and level ups can be found doing what seems like endless misc quests, if you do feel the need to go dungeon crawling, just speak to anliger the greybeard and he will more often than not send you to a dungeon to obatin a shout, and you will find loot and fights on your way to the shout. and quite often a unique amour mask aswell, case closed.

Okay just found out online this is a very common bug.  I guess I killed this person due to another side quest so going back wouldn't make a difference; it is what it is till it gets fixed.

I have a habit of going dungeon crawling. If I'm on my way somewhere and I pass one, the OCD in me keeps me from just walking past it. I think I'm going to do some main quest now. Over 40 hours in and I only have 4 main quest done.


I am glad I got Skyrim during the Beta phase...