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Will the Year One skin be available on marketplace eventually?


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there releasing all skins as a packaged dlc soon i think, also robin dlc pack and nightwing dlc pack will be on the marketplace by the end of november

Thanks. I knew about Robin and Nightwing, but wasn't too sure about all the different Batman skins.

Gamestop is selling both if you want to preorder it and score some Rewards points.

You mean Earth One? Don't think there is a Year One skin....

They will release all the skins in a skin-pack-DLC :)

I wonder how gliding around the city will work with the Batman Beyond skin.... If we can even use them in the actual game.

The Batman Beyond skin has "hidden" wings.  Like with the show they only pop out when you are gliding. And yes, you can use any Batman costume in the game once you finish it on Normal difficulty or higher.  And were is the Fat Batman from? Lol.

He just looks fat, he is actually RIPPED. That is from The Dark Knight Returns, an awesome book about Batman being older and having to get back in the game. He looks fat because of the drawings, i believe Frank Miller did it, so he was all scroggly looking to boot. But yeah he does look like Fatman lol

TDKR skin is actually my second favorite, my favorite being the Year One skin. He might look fat in the picture, but in the game he looks great.