yay just broke my second game!

Hiyas, just wanted to say...I broke another game in half because m$ and infinite ward dont wanna do anything about these hackers. the only reason i keep playing 360 is because it has Tetris on the arcade and theres no hackers there lol. :D although i did buy mw2 again because i was getting bored of not being able to noob tube people. its very fun because it makes the QSers and hackers QQ even more :D.....sooo i was just playing CoD4 again, first night wasnt bad, no hackers or modders and no colored text about infections. second night all of the above LOL. this game is fun but not when ppl are cheating. Im not going to ps3 because i dont feel like getting hacked. i was happy once the rock and the 10th prestige lobbies were fixed but now it still makes me sad the companies arent doing anything about it. ive given up on sending complaints, im not going to spend my free time sending those when i could be doing something else like working out or playing another favorite game for a few minutes. you know whats sad? is Walmart has been selling modded controllers or rather "Turbo fire" LOL. thats how bad its gotten. Come on Micro$oft and iw when are you going to grow some balls and do something about this? theres millions of legit players out there who want to enjoy video games again. the last i actually played cod4 before a night ago was back in.....april...and you guys STILL havent gotten rid of the hackers? lmao really?


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Hey man, we all feel the same but the reality is gaming is fun for us where as $ is fun for them. COD4 and WAW are my favourite cods but I'm stuck on blops for hack free gaming only because it's the most recent cod. Remember that mw3 will be out soon and there's a possibility that support for blops will go the same way as the others. The mentality that newer is better needs to be killed imho, no-ones going to help, sorry to let you know

Well, that's what you get playing a game that has been sugarcoated in sh!t for a juvenile audience.

Grow some balls and buy a real game with an older and wiser crowd, BF3.

Yeah, that comment was full of maturity squire