Yay Finally

I finally bought this game :3 I love it. I rented it and played it before.


One thing though, I don't remember it being so glitchy D: I knew it was glitchy, but not this bad. I heard it also gets worse near the ending, is this true?


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if you have room for it download to your hard drive it will take care of a lot of the clitches and freezing issues,its not so bad with alot of the updates that came out for it.one other thing save,save,save.

I think it depends on the savefile size.  At least in my case the freezes & so forth don't seem to crop up until the savefile size is over 4 or 5MB.   I did 1 ending,  & saw no increase of the glitches per se.  Save often & have multiple saves.  I can say for my own game(s) I have 2 primary saves.  The first is for when I gain a new level; & the other is my "every little thing" save, where I save after I find a new location, get a new item, get or complete a quest & so on.  

Alright. I'm going to reset my game (Since I'm completely lost anyways). Save it to my HHD and try saving a lot. Thanks :3

I have yet to experience "bad glitching". Ive noticed low framerate after I play for long hours on end and an occasional rock I will get stuck on which I have to revert to a save from a few minutes prior. Nothing that really bugged me though.