y wont the achievements unlock for me(spoilers)

the last 4 ones wont unlock i even deleted it and redone it .airborne shot the got in the head im looking at the end credits already the end where the invasion is going through alaska-helppppppp plsss any ideas. 1 of my friends said it glitches i might have to redo -is it true????? :(


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Sorry, no hablo.


English does wonders...

what do u mean u dont understand the question why it wont unlock i deleted and redone it - i dont have to be signed in to xbox live to do this right -it didnt say it.only said finished campaign - i finished the whole campaign i have access to all the maps already whats going on anyone???

I know there is a glitched achievement called "Complete Blackout" which requires you to destroy all of the satellite uplinks. Mine unlocked after I destroyed 22 out of 24 uplinks. For others it unlocks at 23. That achievement of yours might also be glitched.

Seriously...Use complete words, sentences, and punctuation. I don't really know how to answer your question.

After trying to decipher that, I came to the conclusion that I should give up to make sense of what you wrote.

mr clutch thanks for the information i might try finding all of those satellite uplinks

forgot to ask you did u restart your campaign or you just picked from the unlocked missions already and one more question how many tries to unlock the  glitched achievement.

I didn't have problems with those achievements. I just played the campaign from start to finish and unlocked all of the campaign achievements. As far as the glitched achievement is concerned, it unlocks, but the reason it is glitched is because it unlocks too early before completing all of the requirements.

clear your cache

To complete airborne on hardest difficulty if thats the 1 you mean,i just went in via the mission select and i think it popped right at the end.I still haven't been bothered to go back and destroy those satellite uplinks,those collectable achievements do my nut in!