xtreme mongoose racing on halo reach

me and a friend host races mongoose races on halo reach every monday, wednsdays, and fridays at 7:30 est  looking me up, and lets get some racing done,  we also run tournaments  and offer prizes so , look us up and lets have fun together  my GT is chips9900 thanks


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A racing game where you can race mongooses (or would that be "mongii"?) or ghosts or wharthogs or sabres on various maps would be cool to have as a regular playlist.

As much fun (mostly anyhow...when I'm not busy respawning) as the current games in reach are, race games would really add to the overall experience.

I really liked the old PS2 game Star Wars Racer Revenge.

Perhaps Bungie may take this under consideration.


You say 7:30 est but you don't say which country you are in.

If you can give the time in GMT format it would be easier. Thanks.

I still think they should have had a Xbox Novelty pack for games like PGR 4 containing a warthog, etc. :P

yea we have a great group of people right now  and adding more every day, you guys should join us  one nite,  its fun and we have a great time together  after the league races we go and do other things together,  don't forget we run tournaments for prizes also,  cheak out my  GT at chips9900  for the link to our web-site. and join us today!!!!