XSG (XenoSynch Gaming) Recruitment post

Dear xbox live users,

XenoSynch has just opened its door for recruitment, i will be heading all branches except for destiny (call of duty branch) until i can find appropriate leaders.We (as in I) are dedicated to provide u with teh most upright gaming experience possible. Our website will be constantly updated, events will be held, and promotions will be made A.S.A.P. Applications are not needed unless under the age 14, where u will have to apply and go through a 4 day review process where we will learn about u and decide if u are able to be allowed into the community. We also have a website that is being payed for by myself, (Gamertag= oOMasterCakeOo). We accept any age gender race and strongly are against racial stereotyping, slang, slurs, and anything that is socially unacceptable. We are active and on daily, if u are not active (doesnt have to be daily) or will not be active for awhile please let us know so we can take proper actions to either remove u from the community if u dont let us know beforehand, or if u have told us beforehand and shall be spared the punishment, We mostly play battlefield bad company 2 and halo reach beucase of the fact i need someone to lead the black ops branch entirely by his/herself unless i do NEED to step in. Ranking guidelines will be up for debate. Code of conduct is simple, anything we deem unfit or disrespectful, and even derogatory, is punishable. If u are punished for something we do not have on a list or doesnt fall under a category you will have a warning, then a 3 day suspension, and then a 14 day suspension, and finally on the 3rd time, you will be removed by teh clan, but do not be frightened ^^ we are very easy on our friends and treat eachotehr like family. Any of those interested should contact oOMasterCakeOo through xbox live or through the clan website : http://xenosynch.com/forums and the main website which i dont think has communication functionaliity http://www.xenosynch.com




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