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Please can anyone advise me on why my XP isnt increasing!  I won a game earlier and it stayed the same, EA said i had to look on at the tips area? dont know why it says nothing there.



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You have a daily cap on how many points you can get. Press the 'back' button on the main menu and you will see how much of your daily XP you have attained.

Im having the same problem and i Haven't reached my daily limit :S

Same problem here, don't know why tho, only seem to have this problem in career mode. When i noticed it wasn't going up I moved onto UT and then it started adding XP again.

nah mine is when im playing UT, so must be problems all round, glad im not the only one.

1) If you're playing the CPU - the difficulty has to be at least Professional.  Anything under that and your XP won't increase.

2) This happens to me ALL the time.  Connection to EAS FC is lost.  I've probably missed out on loads of XP, because of this.

Its kind annoying that problem with XP

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Check that you are connected to EAS FC that should be the only reason you are not gaining XP.  It doesnt matter what mode or skill level you play on, you will always earn XP.

make sure you are connected to EA servers