xp ban

why has my account been banned from xp on halo 4? iv done nothing wrong. my gamertag is isharkiie


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Wrong place for this and nobody ever "does anything".  Everyone that has ever gotten a ban is 100% innocent.  MS and whatever random game you're playing at the time are just picking on you because they want to ruin your gaming experience for giggles.

do you quit a lot of games?

@ isharkiie ... xp ban is only for 24hrs ..... and there are many ways to get an XP ban...... go to halo waypoint and check out the forum on bans ...but Tap is right there is nothing that 343 will do about it

@ boot61 ...quitting too many games has nothing to do with XP bans, thats a whole different kind of ban

OP, please post here: The Official Halo 4 Ban Thread