Xmen destiny opinions??

tell us what you think!

To me it looks kinda okish, i like the idea of creating your own powers so might give it a shot just for that.


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I also hate that you can't create your own char but i am planning to get it because i really enjoyed Too Human ...just hope don't be so linear.

Interesting ideas, but I was dissapointed about having to pick from one of three preset characters and the variety of powers currently known doesn't look that great.

At the moment, on my anticipation scale, it ranks around 2/5

i dont care what it looks like, or plays. its x-men and thats all that matters to me. i loved x-men growing up (gambit ftw) and enjoyed too human so im trusting it will be decent. i have my copy of x-men movie to start before this is released. i hear its rubbish....but its x-men so idc!