Who are XGL:
XGL was established in may 2002 with 8 players competing on halo:ce on xbconnect, since then we have expanded the memberbase and we had moved over to Xbox Live and competed in games such as wolfenstein,unreal,ghost recon,rainbow six,gears of war and many call of duty,halo and fifa titles throughout the years. We are a team that play to win the matches along with having a good experience and being respective towards our teammates and opponants but can take losing on the chin and move on from them. XGL currently compete on COD: Black Ops 2,COD: MW3,FIFA 13,Halo 4, when we are not on these games we chill out on many other titles and game with our teammates across various other titles.

We have had many achievements throughout the years with winning many league seasons across a few league sites and also we have some tournament wins too but we have always competed on the casual clan scene. We have attended EGL7 in Blackpool so we do have a little lan experience which I look to recruit a 4v4 team to be able to compete in more lan events for us.

What are we looking for:
XGL are Looking for new players to join us to compete over various games and are detailed below:

COD: BLACK OPS 2: XGL are looking to expand our team to compete across various gametypes on this game, we are looking for more HC-SND based players that would help improve the team and help us go forward on this mode as it has been a gametype that is liked alot in the clan. We are also looking to recruit more core based players to compete in other mixmode leagues and events, their are plenty of places in the clan up for grabs so this is a chance to meet new players and form new friendships within the team.

I'm also looking to recruit players to form a 4v4 core team that have an ambition to compete at LAN events regularly and compete in online tournaments and leagues to give the team good exposure and to get the clan known throughout the competitive scene. we only look for players who are 16 and over and can put the time in to scrim regularly and be able to attend events and compete in tournaments and leagues. speak to XGL Potleg if interested in competing for XGL at LAN events.

FIFA 13: We have started to play FIFA 13 more regularly and we would like to form a strong club again so we can compete in fifa club based leagues, we have not really competed on the fifa scene since XPS which is now XFL but would like to get back competing on the game, we are primerily a COD based clan but we have made time for fifa 13 so we can put in the practice and effort to form a sucessful team for the game, we just have a few players for this game so we do look to recruit around 5-6 more players ideally for this game.

Halo 4:  we have played a few scrims on the game and we do have a few players who enjoy the game so we would also like to recruit for halo 4, players need to have a good level of skill on the game and be able to formulate tactics aswell as good on comms, we do not ply the game as much as COD and FIFA but its a game where we look to build up a team.

Gears 3: we have a few gears players but currently not enough for us to compete on the game so ideally we would like players who can also play on COD,HALO or FIFA even as a secondary game as we may not be able to offer much gears untill we can recruit a team capable to compete on the game.

so other than the above new recruits must have a good skill level on thier selected game and also have a headset as it is essential for coms in matches, I aim to boost the XGL teams with the recruitment and bring in the right players to get XGL back where it deserves to be,we have had strong teams for many years and we are starting to be more pushovers than the latter so this must be stopped and be put right and we look to see XGL winning more leagues than we have done more recently.

our Basic requirements to join us:
- must be 17+ (16+ for 4v4 competitive)
- are from the UK,Ireland or EU only
- Active player & has alot of availability
- Commitment and loyalty
- Experienced in team-based situations and in all game-modes.
- able to play on Halo 4 & FIFA 13 is a bonus but not essential
- Available for Training,matchmaking and league matches on a regular basis
- A working headset and mic
- A skilled player on thier selective game
- A good team player and can respond to strats
- To be an active member
- To be able to commit to a full season in the leagues we compete in


Website: www.xglclan.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xglclan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/201794514000/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/XGLTV
Twitch.tv: www.twitch.tv/xgltv

Pop on over to our site or XGL POTLEG on XBL

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