XGL are now Recruiting!

XGL are now looking for new players to join our ranks, we are looking to boost our Call of Duty: Black Ops team with more active players as we are currently participating in a few Clan Leagues recently. We are also on the lookout to build a new FIFA 11 team and further in the year we will also recruit for Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 so 2011 is going to be a big year for XGL. In short XGL is a clan created in May 2002 and we are still competing today in clan matches and in clan leagues and have expanded lately to competing in many clan leagues primerily on Call of Duty: Black Ops. We have a strong base of clan members and we aim for our new recruits to be able to fit in and compete as hard as we do in our matches, we aim to win our matches but we take any defeats on the chin and move on from them no matter the result we have a great squad with great attitudes and can provide a bit of banter in the lobbies we also respect our opponants and learn from our matches to help us to improve. We are looking for new members who are 18 and over for Call of Duty: Black Ops as we have a mature group with us and we feel younger players cannot dedicate thier time to clan matches as our matches tend to be from 9pm and can be too late for the younger gamer. we are currently looking to add 5-6 new members to our roster through recruitment so their are available places but we look for new members to fit in and also to not be part of another clan as we don't take on players to play for us just for league matches. We have recently opened recruitment for FIFA 11 and we look to build a team to be able to compete in clan leagues and also online clubs however we do currently prefer to play in online team play as it doesn't rely on the stats of the pro's so thier is no restriction to what your fifa pro can be to be able to join the team. age restriction for this team will be 16+ but i must say that we do play quite late on FIFA mainly after matches on Call of Duty. if your looking to join a new team that is currently building up then the XGL FIFA team is the place for you. We look for new members to be active on XGL forums and on Xbox Live, we dont expect you to be on every day but 3 times a week will be enough as we tend to have many league matches aswell as the odd clan night on a regular basis. The Clan tryout can last anything upto two weeks as you will be required to join us regulary on xbox live in matchmaking or any organised friendly matches that we have at the time and we will look at how you are and clan members will give thier opinions of you which will determine if you join us or not. thier will be a review a month after acceptance into the clan and this review will determine whether you would remain with us or not and will depend on your activity and how you perform in your matches. XGL is a casual gaming clan who like to compete to a good standard in clan leagues we are primerily a HC-SND based clan on Call of Duty games we do like the HC mode so we do sample with hardcore based leagues as from May 2011 we have entered: XBCL, The WGL, WCL Clan Leagues. XGL are recruiting for: Call of Duty: Black Ops,Call of Duty: MW3,FIFA 11,FIFA 12,Gears of War 3 & Battlefield 3 if we sound like the clan for you then head on over to our website then post an application at: http://www.xglclan.co.uk Visit our youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/XGLTV

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