XE03 Halo 4 Clan Recruiting!

XE03 Halo 4 Clan

XE03 is a Halo 4 Clan with 2 years of experience. and over 800 registered members on the website. www.halo4clan.com Join the community today!

How to join XE03?

We currently have started a new squad system to manage members more easy and freely. All players are put into squads and managed by there squad leader. You can contact the squad leader with any issues or concerns. One of the squads that are currently recruiting are 'Roots' Lead by Squad Leader 'BanishedRick'

Message him to get involved with XE03 and he will get you started and involved with the group as soon as possible. Usually within Half of a day. 

Feel free to go on www.halo4clan.com and go in our chat rooms and message BanishedRick and Get involved today.

See you soon.


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The Website is also new and currently undergoing maintenance, So if you find bugs please state them in the chat room. Thanks.

Hello everybody!  BanishedRick here, head of the Roots Squad.

I'm looking for active, loyal and dependable players for my crack team of unique, elite Spartans.  We represent a new beginning for XE03 and strive to better not only ourselves but each other through hard work, determination and a proper team effort.  So if you're an experience Halo 4 player and think you have what it takes to play on a professional level apply now

If our squad sounds like a step in the right direction but is a tad bit too serious for your liking don't be discouraged!   We have multiple squads with different sets of their own unique requirements, aspects and characteristics that support all of the different types of players.  We're currently working on getting our live-stream squad back on their feet and are also recruiting individuals with capture cards and are interested in editing videos so we may better advance ourselves through advertisement.

Contact me via XBL if you have any questions or concerns.