Xe03 Clan-Community Recruiting

Xe03 is a great community looking for new members.

Xe03 Halo 4 Clan Homepage

 We have a ton of features to make sure Halo 4 stays fun for our members for hours and hours, including ( with even more coming  ):

  1. Clan Achievement System, awarding you with +cp ( similar to XBL Gamerscore )
  2. Clan Tournaments, with Award Certificates mailed to winners.
  3. Community Forums and Chatrooms
  4. A Squad-Based structure, promoting a large clan, while still getting you to know some players closer.
  5. Custom coded website, looking for web developers.

We also take in smaller clans!  If you're a clan leader, and have problems finding people to play against or need a way to get players to come to you, you can talk to us about joining our Squad Community.

  1. You get to use the Xe03 Clan name, while keeping your original Clan name as your Squad Name.
  2. Our Squad Management System is great, allowing you to add players, remove them, rank them up and down, etc.
  3. You get access to our Achievement System, so you can keep track of who is active in your group.
  4. Xe03 does not impose many rules on Squads, just basic ones which most Clans have in place anyways ( Like, no discrimination, flaming, etc. )
  5. Being a Squad, you are regularly invited to our Tournaments and Events.

If you think you would like to check us out, our website is:


Keep fighting the good fight!


Xe03 Leader - codePython


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Sigma Squad leader here :)

Im an admin of XE03 and im looking forward to all new recruits.

Member of Sigma here

- Sam

x0 Lost 0x of Delta here!

Hey Lost!! Glad to have everyone aboard!!


Xe03 is starting our MLG team, so if you're looking for a Pro Circuit team to help start we're accepting registrations :)

Just finished our Doubles Tournament!  Ravill and ShadowOfDeth won!

Xe03 has been updated to have a new, automatic ranking system. We now award players for their Clan Activity by giving the a higher "CR". You can get "CR" experience by logging in for the day, chatting, posting on the forums, or submitting photos/vids.

We've added this, in conjunction with our existing "cP" (Clan Point) awards system, so that we can help add value to Halo 4, even though most players are now SR130, and there are very few Achievements left.

Keep up the good fight!


We've gotten an alliance put together with WNx!  Let's keep up the cooperation and take over! :)

Smough of delta hear, im looking forward to the next tournament :)

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* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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