Xcellency Recruiting for Call of duty and Battlefield


Team Excellency is looking for mature players to fill our rosters. We are currently looking for Call of duty and Battlefield players but we are always open to starting new divisions if the time is right!

How to Join

Joining is not a simple process. The reason is we try to pick the best possible applicant so that the team will flow and perform drama free. We try to keep a clean group that can be enjoyable by all players. We have two divisions, we have a casual and Competitive group. The casual group is basically what it says. All you have to do is apply and we will get you in for an interview.

Our competitive group is a little harder. We have all player looking to go competitive go through a multiple question interview along with a tryout which may last a week long. We are very strict due to the fact we want some of the best all around players.


1.No Cheating, boosting or exploiting of any kind.

2. No racism or sexism.

3. Represent the team in a mature manner. You never know who you might be playing with.

4. Be active on the site and forums at least a few times a week.

5. Help contribute to the team.(Photoshop, Videos edits, Donations or anything that may help)

6. Have a good time.

Twitter @teamexcellency

Site: www.xlncgaming.com New site coming soon.

xbl: revolver XLNC

xbl: npro XLNC


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