XboxOne Rant

Figured I'd at least give forewarning that this is a rant.

I've been an xbox fan for years, but I'll go ahead say that all the launch games suck except for NBA2k14. And even that game is starting to suck because it seems to have more issues each day. As of right now, after having this console since the launch, I'm pretty disappointed. The controller does seem better, but I don't know if it's the material it's made out of or what, but it feels cheaper than the 360 controller. If I'm paying $60 dollars for a controller, it should at least feel like it's not going to break if I drop it on my carpet floor. 

When you go on IGN to read up on XboxOne news, you really don't read too much news, unless it's about something on the 360, most of it is pretty old news pertaining to the XboxOne. One of the top stories is XboxOne Vs. PS4, that's been up there for months it seems. Or perhaps you'll read about how many consoles they've sold up to this point in time, [Mod Removed] good for you Microsoft. I mean there really isn't much news to report on besides how bad the console blows and how bad the games blow. But I guess they aren't allowed to post articles like that because I've never seen them. They did feature a story about how NBA2k14 has had it's struggle on the new console, but there hasn't been much follow up on that and they continue to have issues. At least make your news stories productive.

At this point, I feel like I would've been happier with a PS4. But, who knows, maybe once better games come out and once/if they correct all these ticky tacky issues, it'll seem like a better console. 


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I think your points are very fair, sir.

In fact, I'm so underwhelmed by the improvements in the XB1 that I was driven away from it completely... I bought an XBOX 360. Games that suck and are ridiculously expensive to boot? No thanks. I'm enjoying my 360 for half the price, and games for 1/4 the price in most cases.

You say you "would've been happier with a PS4." That may still be true, but I think more importantly, you "would've been happier just sticking with your 360."

There are some valid points there, though saying a game "sucks" is more of an opinion piece, rather than a fact about the game. I'll admit that there aren't too many launch titles that have WOW'd me, but they aren't necessarily bad games.

The biggest thing to remember is that just because it's a next-gen system, doesn't mean that we'll immediately be seeing next-gen content. I think as time goes on (much like with the 360 when it first launched), you'll see a great improvement in game titles, apps, services, etc. They have already addressed many of the concerns people have with the new console's system/dashboard, and hopefully we see some major improvements there in the next few updates as well.  I can honestly say that the issues and concerns people have ARE being heard, and ARE being passed onto the powers that be.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the 360 isn't dead to Microsoft. They are continuing to put out game content and apps for that system to keep it running. This is different from when the 360 launched, as they pretty much left the original Xbox dead in the water until finally pulling the plug. As long as games are being put out that work on both the Xbox 360 AND the Xbox One, the games will likely be underwhelming (by Next-Gen standards at least). 

I think that the XBOX One was just rushed out. but since it is next gen, like all gens I have seen, it will get better. the xbox one is a big console, so that means theres a lot of stuff that can be in it to give it a lot of potential. look at the 360, it evolved through time. the ps3, I have 3 ps3s, the first gen, the 3rd gen, and the 4th gen, and they all work the same since they launched. I have them for the blueray player, that's why I have so many, the point is, they all work the same way. and the newer they get, I personally feel the easier it is for them to break. the 360 on the other hand, its always done more than gaming. and when the xbox one was launched, I expected it to be laggy, but it wasn't. I guess my point is, the xbox one, given time like the 360 was given time, it will be the console that Microsoft had the vision on. the console that would the One thing you turned on when you went to your living room. of coarse with the cable you still need your cable box but still, you can work it from your xbox one.

I do think that the forza 5 is a little rubbish compared to forza 4 though, the other games are cool, but the games are the games, some games will suck, some will be great. I just don't think the forza 5 deserved to be one of the games for the xbox one. the 360 is at its ultimate peak right now, so if it goes, I will be supermad. I have 2 360s now, and a few new games, and if the xbox one is not able to play or at least allow me to download the games that I have, I would even pay for some of them again, then I am in no rush to get the xbox one. but its still a solid device though, and its just going to get better. the 360 has so many things on that thing  that I could just sit down and do things on it all day with out even playing a game and be having a blast, heck I can even order pizza from my xbox now, that's awesome. so look at all the things the 360 can do now from the time it launched, then look at the xbox one does now, and know that this is just the beginning.