XboxLIVE Clan/Party Battles

This ought to get some discussion stirred up. I was talking with my boss at work who also plays CoD. Now he is not part of any clan, he is more of a lone-wolf style of player. We were discussing how when ever he comes across a clan on CoD he usually leaves to find another lobby. I also have found people that do that when they see my team is in a lobby and we're all waring ICEE in our Clan Tag. I myself have also done this when I'm playing alone.

The idea my boss brought up was an additional lobby reserved for those that are partied up together as a clan. That way Clans can battle Clans over XboxLIVE. A patch could be released into Black Ops and MW3 that would create this type of lobby. The extra choice of lobby can have all the game modes we all love, but is made for clans that party up in XboxLIVE parties. With all the ranking up that each individual receives when playing multi-player. Now since this would be an extra choice for a lobby, we will still have the option to go into "normal" lobbies for recruiting.

Please post your thoughts here. This idea seems like a good way for not only clans to battle one another, but also a way for clans to get their names out. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say on this.

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