XBOX360 stops movie play after starting when used as an extender for Windows Media Ctr on Windows 7 Ultimate

Issue: Transcoded ISOs Play and Stop within Seconds on XBOX360 as WMC Extender Playing with XBOX360 as an Extender and using MyMovies for WMC for Windows 7 Ultimate. Im sure Im just another newbie stating the same ol' problem. But I couldn't find this issue in the threads. I seemed to resolve the XBOX360's WMC error "Cannot play this file..." by installing: MyMovies for Windows Media Center for Windows 7/8 The going to MyMovies Collection Mgr and selecting Tools, In Drop Down menu, select Extender and selecting "Transcode" and then adding .iso to the files transcoded. Hopefully this was the right way to do this. I am running as our main home PC, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with Windows Media Center I have a SEAGATE Black Armor RAID5 NAS on the home network where all my ripped DVDs are saved and that serves as my Media Library for all devices - PC, XBOX360, iPhones, iPads, iTouch, and Laptops. On both the PC and the XBOX360 I have the Media Library folders set up to monitor folders "on another computer" (the NAS: "P Drive") with no stored C Drive content intentionally. On the PC, I have AnyDVD* HD (latest version 7.3.8 currently) and Virtual Clone Drive as well as CYBERLINK PowerDVD and WinISO, just to rename any of those "generic" DVD ISO labels so they're easily identified thru Windows Media Center. I have AnyDVD* HD ripping to ISO files, and each DVD and/or BluRay is ripped to its own unique subfolder on the Media Library\Movies\DVDs or Media Library\Movies\BluRays folders on the NAS. So this seems to follow the instructions Ive read in other MyMovies support threads. (Thank God, because I have hundreds of movies Im trying to save electronically, before the kids destroy anymore and before I have to buy anymore Bokkshelves from Walmart to stack these movies. Its an absurd amount of money invested I don't want wasted.) So with that backup info above: I have the XBOX360 set up in the Family Loft with the entertainment center - DENON 2113ci HDMI AV Receiver, SAMSUNG BluRay, NINTENDO Wii, 52inch SONY BRAVIA, original XBOX etc. I have these all connected to the home network using an 8port CISCO 10/100/1000 Network Switch at the entertainment center. The switch is connected to the home network using NETGEAR Powerline AV500 adapters connected to my NETGEAR R6300v2 router with 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz dual band. the XBOX360 is successfully setup as an Extender to the Home PC Windows Media Center, and it sees the Movie Library. The XBOX360 also successfully plays music files, etc. thru its Windows Media Center app. When playing DVD movies, using MyMovies software, the XBOX360 mounts the transcoded ISO when a DVD title is selected, but then after a few seconds playing the introduction of the movie, it stops. And it returns to the DVD "play" screen it was just at, showing the DVD cover and the movie file info. What am I doing wrong? Or what have I not done yet in the setup that would resolve this? Please assist. Any advice and direction is appreciated. I am at a loss as to what I need to do at this point. - Adrian (XBOX user: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***) (MyMovies user: YBMovies) - Hoping to get this all ready and running for the kids during their Christmas Break out of school. * I own & paid for all our media - movies, music, photos, etc. I know installing and/or using AnyDVD is illegal in some countries. Users are themselves responsible for complying with local law when installing and using AnyDVD software. Its only for personal use.

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