Xbox360 Region?

Hello. I have a problem, I went up to Canada last month to visit a friend. We bought Microsoft points to buy a game and we switched my region to Canada. so now im in the U.S. (Washington) again and my live expired! I went to renew the dam thing and it said Wrong code, I googled it and found out I cant renew my gold until the 3 months is up and I can switch regions back to US.

Is there any way at all I can renew my gold? I went to last time to buy my gold and they just emailed me a code right after I bought it, does anyone know if amazon covers EVERYWHERE? or is there a special place to buy things from foreign countries that can be used in the US. I tried going to which is amazon for Canada, can I purchase a card from there with my American Express card? I just need my gold renewed.. I'm a gamer, I need to play :) Played MW3 every day for a year now, every gun gold, Prestige 20. Not to mention Ghost is coming out and I wont be able to play on my main profile because I switched it about 20 days ago and it takes 3 months to be able to change regions again, please help!. thanks.


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Prepaid Gold Cards usually are region free.