xbox360 4gb matt case has scratches

G'day i have just recently bought a xbox360s 4gb matt finish ,and it's got a number of scratches around the non fan side

and ,would there be any plastic polishes to get the scratches out?.what would i use?.


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I would take your console back to the store and ask for a replacement.

Did you buy it used?

As long as its not pre-owned, return it back to the store. If it is pre-owned you can try saying that you was not shown the console before purchase and would like a full refund.

Return it.

Exchange it.

thanks for the help guys.

Forget the scratches. Skin it or get one of these...

I have the same console, and it was perfectly wrapped and scrathless out of the box. I like the 4GB best since it masks prints and dust better (not totally). That and it matches my 120GB slim. I picked up the 250Gb hard drive used off a guy for $50. Plus Walmart gave me a $50 gift card when I bought the 4GB for $199. So I used that to get an extra black wireless controller.

Will a shop give a replacement for scratches? Not sure.

As well I feel sorry cause its matte. At least glossy cases can be fix much easier than matte.

How would you know whether its a pre-owned or not if it is sealed when you opened it ?