Xbox Video on Surface - Movie Won't Download

I rented Zero Dark Thirty and The Hobbit on my Surface before a long trip, and wanted to download them because I wouldn't have steady access to Wifi on the trip. They both began to download then I got an error saying I didn't have enough space to download both. The only way I could stop one of the downloads was to delete The Hobbit from my library. Zery Dark Thirty downloaded successfully and I watched it, then deleted it.

First, I couldn't get The Hobbit back into my library or to download. I clicked on The Hobbit in the movies store and it would show how much time was left before the rental expired (8 days+), but when I clicked "Download" nothing would happen.

Then, I browsed these forums for answers and found this thread ( that said to uninstall the Video app, run WSReset, and re-install. I did that, and now when I click The Hobbit, it looks as though I haven't rented it, showing the prompt to Rent from $4.49.

Is there a solution to this so I can watch this on my Surface without having to pay for another rental? If not, can I be refunded for the first one?


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