Xbox support works!

I got doubled billed for a DLC feature on WSOP. Went online, request a call, got the call in the estimated time frame, issue resolved!


For me , the system worked!!!   10/10!


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Always has worked fine for me too...i believe people always want an immediate answer or solution and there isn't always that option so it's easier to bash than be patient.

Word. That sounds like an awesome game!

Worked for me when my Bing Rewards Microsoft points wouldn't register.

That is awesome.

Just waiting for the hall monitor Bluntman to rip into you for posting in the wrong

Good to see they can correct their mistakes, though it would be nice if their system actually worked right in the first place. The last time I had an issue it was because MS points mysteriously went missing from my account. The rep claimed they must have been promotional points, but every point I had was paid for in cash and therefore would have never had an expiration date. They looked into things further and what they came up with was completely off base, but they were so far off and said I was missing twice the points that I actually was, so I didn't argue.

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Just waiting for the hall monitor Bluntman to rip into you for posting in the wrong



My issue occurred playing a game, hence the General Game Discussion. Just something to keep an eye on while buying this DLC. I must say it is easier to monitor $$$ vs points.

Online support is great, they have fixed my problems on multiple occasions

People get into all these technical things, exclusives, hardware specs when arguing in the console wars. My reasons are much simpler.  Why do I stick w/ MS? Cause their customer support is much nicer than Sony's.