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MODERATORS PLEASE BE ADVISED: This post does contain references to an account suspension.  References.  The suspension was only the start of my incredulous journey and is only used as a starting point and not the main point of this post.  Therefore, it falls well within the posting guidelines.


Long story short on the suspension.  My son calls me over when he is unable to log into his account and I see that his account has been banned until 12/31/9999.  Knowing he doesn't glitch or cheat in multiplayer games, I thought it must be related to one of the many hacked lobbies in MW2 that he has to keep backing out of.  He had no idea so I went to read the email and found out he was permanently banned for one of the most serious offences out there, impersonation.  So, I ask my son what happened and he said that he was in a lobby with a couple of guys who were boosting, which is also cheating like all the hacked lobbies Xbox Sheriffs, so he was killing them and they got mad at him and started sending him messages and he replied back that he was going to get their accounts suspended.  Trolling successful and they file a complaint and my son is banned.

Sorry, but I have to ask.  Many 10 year olds working in the offices that my son could pretend to be?

Be nice to find out if the person that reported him has "prefered complainer" status.  If most if not all complaints are impersonation related.  Hmmm, a cheater who complains about people saying they are going to report him and the non cheaters get banned.

This is where my problems come in.

The email clearly states that there is no means to address this ban and that you as a customer can do absolutely nothing.  You can go to the support pages and post there, but nobody will do anything.  On the support pages, it once again clearly states that you are welcome to post here but they will do nothing to help you.

I created a post anyway just because, and when I clicked submit, I see that it also has to be approved by a moderator prior to it even being posted.  Suprisingly, it was never posted as it didn't meet the format requirements of stating your name so they can reply in the same vague way that your banned and the discussion is closed.

Now just let me run this down for myself.

-You have a department with apparent total control over players suspensions.

-This department is above any reproach or question as people are unable to question their bans.

-If someone does question their suspensions they are censored.

Unlimited power, no checks or balances, no uncensored thoughts or questions.  What does that sound like?


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I appreciate you showed restraint, but this post won't go down well with the moderation team, your other post may be approved by now, it can take a while sometimes, if it has not been approved create another one that falls within the rules and it will be.