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I'm an kinda new to the Xbox forums but am a long time player I have just one question why are this site and its forums set up so poorly i find it very hard to maneuver the site for one and the search function is a complete joke and almost no use what so ever it makes me go thru so much bs i don't understand the need. You are a billion dollar company with millions of players but your site is garbage where does the money go? most forums you go to the main page the topics and or threads are categorized i come here i get some dumb home page and nothing more then you put the search bar in the far right corner and i try that i search NCAA 2012 i get 3 count em 3 results to replies on NCAA 2012 nothing more WTH. I come to learn and chat with other players but find it hard to even figure out how to get around to make it short with all the money your company has why is this site so poorly created ? and where is the real forum setup?  just asking. Thank you


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Don't worry.  People who have been here for years are having problems with the forums.  They changed the format of the forums about 2 months ago, and it's been having trouble since.


Incidentally, here is the forums for NCAA 12