Xbox should release their games on 12am no matter where you live...

...especially with how the Xbox wanted us to buy games digital, I feel like they gotta step it up with how they release them. I got home after work and thinking I was going to download Titanfall at no time. I am a hardcore Xbox gamer and love the consoles. I just feel like it's odd that I have to wait for a game a few more hours when the game is on shelves right now at my local stores (GameStop, Best Buy, Wal Mart, etc.).


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i totally agree with you here ,i had to wait till 2am central time in order to buy it digitally and i have to be at work by 7am lol.

but the real issue for me here is that they wanted us to go digital and i was all for it then as i am now but my titianfall download has been sitting at 13% for like 30 min lol and i am now completely turned off from popular digital games

smh i totally agree i started the download at 2:10 and its on 90% at 5:14.... never purchasing a game through digital again.

They might take up space but installing off of a disc is a beautiful thing.

I agree. If the physical copy is available for legal purchase in your time zone, then the digital copy should be available for purchase as well. The fact that they're treated differently is sending mixed messages to the community about digital purchases.

I feel your pain. Like you said the whole emphasis for them this gen was digital. But they can't do it right. They charge tax, and the release it late depending on your territory. So that sucks.

I have both and last gen I used the ps3 to buy my games at 12EST(took them some time to get to that point though) and for $59.99. First DL I have since 2011 on Xbox and come to find its $59.99 with tax and I can't DL at midnight.

DL'ed before work now just have to wait till later to play