Xbox prank prompts police response

Be carefull when you get hacked!!

An Xbox 360 prank apparently caused by a hacker brought police from several  municipalities to a Mahanoy City home Saturday night after receiving word that  someone was shot and killed inside.

Police Lt. John Kaczmarczyk said it was 9:30 p.m. when officers were called  to #######. for a report that a 16-year-old boy shot his mother and was  about to shoot his brothers.

That call came into the Schuylkill County Communications Center from an ATT  Instant Message Relay Service designed for hearing impaired people, the chief  said. The system is designed to allow hearing-impaired users to reach someone  with a standard telephone.

There was some initial confusion since the name given was slightly different  than the resident and the fact that the address was an apartment building.

Fearing the worst, Kaczmarczyk said police from Shenandoah borough and  Mahanoy, West Mahanoy, Butler and Ryan townships came to assist.

Kaczmarczyk said when officers were able to speak to the teenager, they  learned he was playing an Xbox game and received a threat from someone also  playing the game. The person was going to "call SWAT" if the teen didn't send  money over the Internet, Kaczmarczyk said.

That call was actually made, finding its way to the county communications  center.

Kaczmarczyk said police learned the call came over the Internet and that the  IP, or Internet Provider address, has been traced to the state of Colorado and  was routed through a call center in New Jersey.

The incident is still under investigation, Kaczmarczyk said, adding that the  FBI will be contacted since the matter appears to be interstate extortion.

A similar incident occurred Feb. 13 in Lewisville, Texas, when a teenager was  playing "Call of Duty: Black Ops."

According to CBS-Dallas-Forth Worth television, the teenager had joined  friends playing online when his game system was hacked.

Xbox 360 allows users to play over the internet with others and use headsets  to talk to each other.

In Texas, the boy went into a chat room between games when someone contacted  him and said they were going to get his information and call the SWAT team.  CBS-DFW reported that the teen ignored the message and kept playing.

About 20 minutes later, authorities received a call from the ATT Instant  Message Relay Service reporting that a person was shot inside the home and  someone was still inside the house shooting, the news station said. Authorities  arrived on the scene and learned that there was no shooting, no one was hurt and  the whole incident was a hoax caused by a hacker.

Similar incidents have been reported last year in Washington and Florida.



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clever but even using the relay service to try and cover his tracks won't work for long.  What I wonder is how the person making the false calls knows where the person is to call police in the first place.


Oh, I always did wonder what SWAT was for.


Anyway, I personally think this is interesting...

Whoever this hacker is. Hope SWAT comes to his/her place and shoot it up

May I ask, how does that have to do with Xbox games?

I dont understand why people think things like this is funny.


Its always the call of duty players.

My faith in humanity lessens everyday...

Hopefully this idiot gets tried as an adult when he gets caught.