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Hello everybody of the Gamer Parents forum, just wanted to stop by and say hello!

While being a helpful Ninja Ambassador browsing Xbox issues & doing my duties, i came across the Microsoft Xbox Play Smart Play, Play Safe Campaign which im surprised that it hasnt been advertised on here (nothing that i could find anyway) and thought that this would be just the place to post a link especially for you, not only does it help with the parental systems on the xbox, but also for non gaming perants to get involved with their kids gaming and in general just clue them up!!


I know all this can be found on the Forums but whats the harm eh!


Heres an extract from the !about us" section and the link to the website


About the Play Smart, Play Safe Campaign

As leaders in the video game industry, it’s Microsoft’s goal to provide parents with tools and resources to manage their children’s gaming and entertainment experiences so that they can play in safer, healthy and more balanced ways.

Microsoft is proud to have led the effort to create and build in safety measures that enable parents to choose the right games, content and online access settings for their families. Xbox was the first video game and entertainment system on the market with built-in parental control systems. Virtually all of Microsoft’s consumer products- MSN/Windows Live and Windows Vista, Windows 7, Xbox 360 – feature family safety features

This commitment to families is taken to the next level through the Play Smart, Play Safe Campaign.

A multi-faceted approach – on- and off-line activities

The Play Smart, Play Safe Campaign is a new approach to helping parents and their children get on the same page about making smart media choices.

Using new methods and real parents and teens as messengers, the Campaign inspires families to take simple, but important steps that can help ensure that their kids’ media experiences are safer, healthy and more balanced. provides tips and information from some of Europe’s leading experts and organisations, as well as our Family Experts to give parents the information and resources they need to manage media and entertainment in their homes.

Find out more by visiting the Family Tools

In addition to these online tools, the Play Smart, Play Safe campaign has organised several initiatives in several European countries to reach out to parents and consumers at retail level and dedicated events. One of these initiatives is the Play Smart, Play Safe survey, which looks at parental attitudes and perceptions regarding video gaming to learn where efforts are needed.

Our Experts

To take this campaign further, Microsoft is gathering a pool of experts to collaborate on this website and share their experience with consumers. These experts include members of partner organisations with which Microsoft has been working and also a group of passionate parents and teens who are helping educate other families on ways to enjoy safer interactive entertainment at home. These Family Experts are our campaign ambassadors and represent families across Europe who, through their use of an interactive Web site, blog and online social community, are demonstrating their commitment to safer video gaming and inspiring their peers to tackle this issue. To read their tips on safer and more balanced video gaming and media use, please click here.


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Great find Xeno, its a shame it hasn't had more press from Xbox on the dashboards or even on the forums here, its been a great help to me so thankyou so so much! Its definatly opened my eyes a little more at the console's capabilitites. Keep up the good work hun!


PS. Xbox should sticky this!

Lots of great info in there! Agreed, it should be stickied!

If it should be stickied, MS would do it. They would advertise it more. As it stands things are in the process. Don't get hasty.

The campaign is also currently looking for "family Ambassadors"  not in association with the Community Ambassador program.

Great find

Just like the others have said, really great find. It certainly helped me get into gaming myself, thanks. The little survey about getting to know your kids gaming habits has worked really well.