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Any one else out there having problems with Microsoft standing by their products?  My children received a game for Christmas and there was no disc in the package but a code to be used to download the game.  The code is defective and the company will not send us a new code.  They told me to go to a store and request a new code but as I mentioned it was a gift so I have no receipt nor do I know where it came from?

I am very frustrated and upset that Microsoft will not stand by its' product.  I had the WII and was very happy with their customer service and their products but my boys wanted to try the XBox One.  I truly regret the decision to leave the WII.  I seriously advise all of you to boycott Microsoft.  I know I will.  I have children soon to enter high school and they will need laptops.  I would rather spend more money on an APPLE then give Microsoft my money!


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what is the code for what game

The Wii is a discontinued product and its successor, the Wii U isn't exactly selling like hot cakes right now.

If you can explain what the code was for, it would be very helpful.

Also, you can use the code by speaking to your Xbox by saying "Xbox, use a code" and then you should have been able to use the game code by scanning the QR image towards the Kinect or by entering the 25 digits manually with your controller, the Dash or - are entered automatically.

In my experience, Microsoft have been very helpful towards me, answered all my questions directly and generally are a good company, you shouldn't really slag them off just because you have had a bad experience with them.

I think it depends on what area you live in with the customer service you've received.

As many have explained before me, Microsoft do not appear on these forums and answer queries directly.

If you are in Europe, the "Discless" game you would have received is Fifa 14.

I got that with my Day One Edition and sold it via amazon immediately as I'm not really into football games.

Was the game brand new? If it was bought on ebay it might be that the code had already been used?

Was there any error messages... did you try scanning it AND entering the number?

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It is not their product...if it came from a store that purchased codes to distribute.  You will have to find the store involved and take the issue up with them.  

If you bought a gift card for a restaurant at a store and it did not work, you would go to the store where you bought the card to resolve the issue.