Xbox One to Xbox 360

I've heard rumors that if you have the One you can play Ghost with people who have the 360. Can anyone confirm this, cuz it'd be really cool if you could. I'm the only one of my friends with the one and I miss my friends.


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Those rumors are wrong I'm afraid. There is no cross generation gaming.

nope can't do it bro, can't chat with anyone across platforms either. Think about it, if you could, then why would you want to buy the xbox 1?

And remember, you've now got just a little less than 3 years and you have to buy the xbox 1 due to support and xbl being terminated for the 360...time is ticking on everyone, enjoy your 360...

Look at the amount of hacks for the 360 version of ghosts compared to the X1 version - you now have your answer why it's never going to happen.

It's a completely different interface and system format and I'm thankful it's not cross-platform for THAT reason, it would be a step behind to make it kind of dumbed down for both to play interchanged like that. But I've noticed that most times the maximum number of players on the X1 is around 22000 people. Not sure if it's just not a popular choice for the next gen or there are tons under the tree for Christmas but I went for the digital deal to get both versions and this game is definitely worth the $10 it cost to play. My only real complaint is with both versions and the respawn's like playing COD 4 all over again and their first run at or something. I expected alot better smart respawns now as seasoned veterans of this game development by now.

Yeah, I was amazed at how many hacked rooms very available within the very first week of release on the 360 game...poor management of their software and server code IMO...

It's kind of sad because I knew this info last summer and the dumb ***'s at gamestop tried to tell me that you would be able to play against 360 players.  Look at the population on One its 29k on a busy friday plus I did try to invite my friends who have the 360 and it didn't work.