Xbox One Titanfall Bundle - what about the launch buyers!?

So im kind of annoyed that people buying an Xbox One now can get Titanfall for free but people (like me) who bought it straight after launch and at full price are being left out. Their is no way on earth I will buy another Xbox at launch seems as how bad the Xbox One currently is, but this bundle deal is just topping off the cake. Not only have their been constant bugs coupled with a ****interface and disabled voice recognition were I am, but now new buyers are being rewarded and the people who took a risk and bought it straight away are being tossed aside.

I seriously hope Xbox will do something to reward the early buyers because this is just stupid now, if they are going to do a bundle deal to get new buyers then make it available for the original Xbox One users who bought it anyway without the deal, or at least offer something else...


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HA!!! Good luck with that!  Why do people always feel they are entitled to free stuff.  This is an incentive to get those that didn't buy an Xbox 1 at launch, to buy one now.  Not to have people whine because they chose to purchase a console as soon as it dropped.  Nobody is tossing the original wave of buyers aside(myself included), but we chose to buy the consoles with nothing added on.  It's not like microsoft gave you and IOU with the purchase.  SMH at the self-entitlement of todays youth....

your kind of late to the party and though, entitled to your opinion, your thread is off topic and against forum rules, If you have to nothing to add conversation to the community (about the game specifically not about a console deal)  Then don't start a thread, simply just add you post to an existing one (there's quite a few about this already). Thank you and have a nice day

You've been using the xbox since November. That's the advantage early adopters like you and me get.

Im not saying I'm entitled to something, but I don't get why anyone would buy the consoles at launch in the future, I expected their to be bugs but nothing like what it is, and not only do you get less bugs buying later you get free stuff too. There has been no advantage to buying early and this is what I have a problem with, the people who buy early are the ones who give Microsoft all the info on bugs and other issues which make it a better experience for the later buyers, if new buyers are being rewarded with a brand new release, then original buyers should be rewarded in some way. If you're fine with paying launch price for something that half works and has about 4 good games then go ahead, but this is the first time I bought a console at launch and the last and I bet their are others with the same opinion, In no way am I saying I deserve free stuff but if I was giving a brand launching new release away to new buyers I would make something available for existing users. That is all.

I bought early and I got the DAY ONE ACHIEVEMENT..LOL

You got to play the Xbone since release and you got to play TF at release, thats your reward.

If you all consider being able to play a half finished console a reward then I don't know what to say.. tbh for $850 NZD I expected a more solid console with voice recog fully enabled and all the features they advertised to be WORKING and not say that it will be enabled in a later patch.. Thats all I have to say, I don't understand at all why anyone thinks they have been rewarded by being test monkeys for later buyers, if you enjoy being able to hold a xbox one controller before anyone else then good for you, but I will wait in future until its actually what was advertised. I understand that other countries have most of the features enabled but here in NZ its just an xbox 360 with more problems, less games, and slightly better graphics.