Xbox One Titanfall Bundle 2 Version

Based on the youtube unboxing videos, there are two versions of Xbox One Titanfall bundle. The first version is "cover slip", in which Microsoft puts a Titanfall cover slip over a "standard green box" Xbox one console. Apparently, Microsoft opened the standard xbox one retail box and put in the Titanfall full game download card and the 1 month of xbox live membership. Then, Microsoft resealed th package with a Titanfall coverslip. The second version of Xbox one Titanfall bundle is the "black box" cover. The entire retail box is brand new, not "resealed". I preordered my xbox one Titanfall bundle from Microsoft store. If they sent me the "repackaged" version of the XBOX One Titanfall, I'm going to definitely return it and try to get the new version. Did anybody else get the Xbox one Titanfall Bundle? Which version did you get and where did you get it?


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So you're returning it for a different package? Makes sense.....

I got the black box version from Amazon.

Since both contents are identical, you're returning it why?  I toss the boxes as soon as they arrive.  I could care less what color they are.  The trash man doesn't care either.

I just got the bundle w/ the downloadable titanfall code + 1 month live.

I was actually more concerned about the date that the XBOX One was made. When the XBOX One was released in November, there were reports that some people received an XBOX one with fautly disc drive. Thus, if I want to buy an XBOX one, I want to get one that was just made recently.

Ahhhh... that makes sense.  :)

Does a cardboard box really make a difference??  You're still getting a black X1 and the titanfall no matter which box it comes in.  If you think that all these x1's haven't been sitting in a warehouse waiting for this release then you are confused as to how mass production works.

I agree with your assessment.  I ordered one from MS store online.  I got the slip cover version.  Worked great for titanfall but a week later I got COD Ghosts (disc version) and the system wouldn't read the disc.  Just made 5 clicking noises when I tried to put the disc in.  Took it back to the MS store, exchanged it, and luckily got a "black box" version, which has had no problems so far.

What does it matter? I would **assume** that most if not all of the XB1's being sold now were probably made EXACTLY the same way, even if not at the same time.