Xbox One Needs A Free FPS Game

So before Warface shut down it was one of my favorite games on 360 to just play and have fun. Now Xbox One has lots of free games and good FPS games on it but there is no free FPS multiplayer. Id like to have a free FPS multiplayer game on xbox one, it doesnt have to be complex just a simple team vs team shooter would be fine. Or just get Warface to be on Xbox One.


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Yeah I agree.

I personally would like Blacklight Retribultion to come to xbox one.

It's probably the best multiplayer shooter on ps4. I can't play it anymore though because it's just not worth getting PS+ for that one game. It's why I wish it would come to xbox.

Kid on youtube was guessing the list for backward compatibility.  Showed what we already have as well as what was shown in the back ground atE3 as well as first party games.  He mentioned Warface.  But its just a guess till proven other wise.  Just speculation till we get official word but here's the link.  Take it with grain of salt till Novembers announcement.  

The XBox ONE does not need a 'free fps game'.

It needs games to be released as complete wholes.

An App Store Marketplace is out of place on a £400.00 console.

If you are happy to settle for less then there are plenty who will be more than happy to give it.

you don't need PS+ to play F2P games on the PS4

Sony shot them selves in the foot killing off Socom Navy Seals.  That's when I sold my PS3.  Socom Confrontation bombed horribly.  This coming from a old Sony fan boy that has/had PS1,PS2,PS3.

Give Warframe a try. It's a free third-person shooter with competitive multiplayer AFAIA. I haven't tried it but it looks decent.

The Xbox One has a fair few freebies as you mentioned OP. Just not FPS's (buy a dirt cheap copy of BF4, AW, Hardline, Ghosts or something dude). There's Project Spark. You can play Killer Instinct free with certain characters on rotation. There's some dodgy mobile-type game with Disney's Frozen pasted all over it. There's uh, Pinball FX 2, kinda. Gigantic at some point. Powerstar Golf has a free version.

Before Warface stopped being a thing on 360 Crytek urged players to migrate to PC and offered some incentives with in-game currency or something. I don't think they have any plans for further console versions, since Microsoft was the publisher for the 360 version, and MS discontinued it. If they had interest in acting as publisher for Warface on Xbox One, I think it would have happened ages ago. =)

Want a free fps? Create one.

They should revive Shadowrun since they own it.



That kid on youtube must be talking crap. They shut the servers a while ago for Warface so it will never be BC

@I Asari Milk I

Didn't realise that. Never bothered trying the game after my PS+ expired.

My PS4 may finally get some use

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