Xbox One multi-tasking during on-line multiplayer


I have a question that I have been unable to find an answer to yet . . . What happens to you in on-line multiplayer when you suddenly snap to another app, or watch TV?  I have seen demos of the system from a single player standpoint (Forza 5) where the game simply pauses and resumes when you snap back.  But, if you are in the middle of a match on-line, then suddenly change apps to check the score on TV or answer a Skype call . . . what happens to your profile in that game?  Does it simply pause right where you are as well?

Every demo I have come across where the player jumps back into a multiplayer match, they appear to jump right back into the action (no un-pause, etc.).  Does anyone have any insight as to how the multi-tasking during on-line play works?

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Technically the game is still running in the background so your character should still be standing where it was when you switch back.


You can snap things like Skype or TV next to the game screen so you can see the app without ever leaving the match.