xbox one- how to find on sale games and games with gold ?

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me.  I just recently got an xbox one.  I am so used to my xbox 360.... that I am getting rather confused.   I know there are several free games with gold and games on sale this week.  I would like to buy and download them.  But when I go to the store app- there is no section for sales /specials or games with gold.

How do I figure out which games are on sale or free?   Is there an APP that I am missing?

I am so used to the xbox 360 version that has a special sales section.

Thanks for reading and any help.


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You should see 3 tiles on the right side of the Home screen with ads. The bottom tile generally takes you to the gold specials.

Yeah it's always on the Home screen. Middle tile of the three for me. But if you only see two or three games in there, go back to Home, and then click the tile again... it doesn't always load everything that's on offer for some reason. =|

yes everyone on here is correct.

XD i know.

I usually check these on the XBL website or through the Smartglass phone app and it downloads automatic from there.